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Founded in 1757, Easton’s level of commitment to maintaining its original eighteenth century beauty and seclusion is truly remarkable.  A vigorous and steadfast campaign by the citizens has prevented any commercial development and successfully preserved the ambiance of Easton.  Industries, condominiums and apartments are not permitted.  The result is a completely private and tranquil setting rich in nature and country charm.  Fruit orchards, dairy farms and two warm and inviting general stores are the only “commerce” found in Easton – quite contrary to the active industries of inn keeping, textiles, farming, milling and blacksmithing which once flourished in town.  It appears that Easton long ago decided to forgo commerce, and instead, nurture a quiet residential community.

7500 acres of forest surrounding three vast reservoirs further enhance the magnificent natural beauty of the town.  Easton has been able to maintain its rural character over the years by its strict zoning of either one or three acre parcels for building.  Architectural styles include picturesque farmhouses, early colonials and newer homes of contemporary and traditional design.

Since the establishment of Connecticut’s first free school in Easton, the town has continued to provide a solid academic foundation to students.

The Connecticut Golf Club and Aspetuck Valley Country Club offer a variety of social and recreational pleasures to members, including excellent golf courses.  The town also provides sporting facilities through its parks, baseball diamonds, tennis courts, and 125 acres of open space for cross-country skiing and horseback riding.  The Lion Hill Riding Academy brings equestrian enjoyment to all Easton residents.

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