Easton Town Information

Founded in 1757, Easton’s level of commitment to maintaining its original eighteenth century beauty and seclusion is truly remarkable.  A vigorous and steadfast campaign by the citizens has prevented any commercial development and successfully preserved the ambiance of Easton.  Industries, condominiums and apartments are not permitted.  The result is a completely private and tranquil setting rich in nature and country charm.  Fruit orchards, dairy farms and two warm and inviting general stores are the only “commerce” found in Easton – quite contrary to the active industries of inn keeping, textiles, farming, milling and blacksmithing which once flourished in town.  It appears that Easton long ago decided to forgo commerce, and instead, nurture a quiet residential community.

7500 acres of forest surrounding three vast reservoirs further enhance the magnificent natural beauty of the town.  Easton has been able to maintain its rural character over the years by its strict zoning of either one or three acre parcels for building.  Architectural styles include picturesque farmhouses, early colonials and newer homes of contemporary and traditional design.

Since the establishment of Connecticut’s first free school in Easton, the town has continued to provide a solid academic foundation to students.

The Connecticut Golf Club and Aspetuck Valley Country Club offer a variety of social and recreational pleasures to members, including excellent golf courses.  The town also provides sporting facilities through its parks, baseball diamonds, tennis courts, and 125 acres of open space for cross-country skiing and horseback riding.  The Lion Hill Riding Academy brings equestrian enjoyment to all Easton residents.

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Fairfield/Southport Town Information

Affluent and culturally exciting Fairfield is ideally positioned for elegant living, an abundance of leisure activities and convenient travel to metropolitan areas.  Situated on Long Island Sound, Fairfield’s 6 mile coastline and pristine beaches are a summer playground for water sport enthusiasts and sun worshipers alike.  Overlooking the Mill River, several beautifully landscaped parks offer the tranquil pleasures of picnicking, bicycling, walking and nature study.  Residents may swim in freshwater at Lake Mohegan and, in the winter months, ice skating is enjoyed at Owen Fish Park, Sturges Pond and Gould Manor Park.  Professionals will find Hartford and Manhattan equidistant from this captivating atmosphere.

An extensive and diverse range of housing suits the most selective tastes and pricing requirements of residents.  There are stately colonials dating from the late 1700’s Greek Revival, Federal and Victorian homes, as well as striking contemporary structures and a wide variety of condominiums.

Fairfield offers a solid education to the student population.  The program features a general academic curriculum, accelerated classes for exceptional pupils and a specialized agenda for the handicapped.

Grand homes, the marina, stately churches and many well preserved buildings are nationally recognized as historic landmarks.  There are three historic districts and one historic are.  The Pequot Library, in Southport, one of three public libraries, maintains one of the nation’s most impressive collections of rare volumes and Americana.

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Redding Town Information

The peaceful country town of Redding in the geographical center of Fairfield County has changed little in appearance since its incorporation in 1767.  Residents’ diligent efforts to preserve the town’s New England charm and natural splendor have resulted in a choice spot for family living and picturesque surroundings.

The community carefully monitors new home construction to prevent over-development.  Existing houses are set on room lots amidst rolling hills, open meadows and traditional New England stonewalls.  A wide variety of designs and sizes meet the needs of residents, who enjoy a convenient down county or New York City commute on the Metro North Railroad, which as a station in Redding.

Cultural and recreational activities abound in this outdoor paradise, with an impressive number of programs specifically for children.  The local Boys and Girls Club sponsors exciting and enriching programs, including sports and arts classes, which complement the offerings of Redding’s fine public schools.  The town has its own elementary and middle schools Joel Barlow High School in Redding Ridge serves students from Redding and neighboring Easton.

Sporting and leisure events for all ages include hiking, picnicking, and ice skating and cross-country skiing at Collis P. Huntington State Park, Devil’s Den Preserve, Topstone Park and Sunset Hill Riding Academy.  Children’s equestrian training is available at the Lonetown Pony club, and a private country club features a golf course, tennis courts and many social functions.

Cultural attractions include a fascinating reenactment of a Revolutionary War battle and encampment on the grounds of Putnam Memorial State Park, and delightful Sunday evening concerts on the Green during the summer.  The Mark Twain Library, a gift from Redding’s most famous resident of 1908-1909, has an active book-author program, book clubs and history talks.

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Ridgefield Town Information

The historic New England town of Ridgefield combines a pleasant rural setting for family living and outdoor enjoyment with an ideal location for travel to major business and commercial centers.

The appeal of life in Ridgefield is evidenced by its rapid population growth since the 1950’s – from 4,000 to 28,000.

Residences in town present a wide selection of styles and sizes including spacious single-family homes, renovated colonials and elegant modern architecture.  Charming condominium communities are tastefully integrated into the landscape, and a variety of waterfront properties are found along the shores of the many lakes in town “Main Street,” an historic village with stately mansions and unique shops adds to Ridgefield New England character.

The Ridgefield Arts Council is part of town government and exists to promote the arts for residents of all ages.  The Council activities include assisting both current and developing art groups, artists and programs encouraging collaboration and coordination in the development of town cultural events and schedules and creating liaisons with neighboring town cultural organizations.

An abundance of athletic and leisure activities are made possible by the town’s excellent natural terrain and enthusiastic recreation department.  Fishing, swimming and boating are enjoyed a Lake Momanasco, Lake Wind Wing and Pierrepont State Park.  A Skating Center features open skating sessions, figure skating lessons and league hockey, and challenging public course serves golfers.

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Weston Town Information

Weston is a rustic town of sweeping fields, ponds, riverside vistas and thickly wooded forests.  The natural splendor of the area is undoubtedly a prime attraction to residents, but when coupled with comfortable commutes to urban centers, a solid school system and excellent recreational offerings, Weston is a choice spot for family living.

Residents carefully preserve the beauty of Weston.  Almost 30 years ago, a master plan was adopted to protect vast areas of land from development, and establishing a 2-acre lot minimum requirement for new homes on remaining lands.  As a result, the attractive homes of Weston are set on spacious lots and surrounded by natural beauty.  Residences include traditional colonials, charming farmhouses and streamlined contemporary designs.

The picturesque terrain also lends itself to outdoor and sporting pleasure.  1,400 acres of land comprise Devil’s Den, a nature preserve, which features hiking trails, picnic areas and a lovely pond.  The town recreation department hosts year-round activities for all ages, including ski trips, indoor swimming, athletic programs and innovative camps.  Water sports are enjoyed at the town swimming pond and the beaches of neighboring Westport, and a riding academy provides equestrian fun.  Several private clubs offer skeet and trap shooting and indoor/outdoor tennis courts & golf courses.

Weston’s children receive a strong academic foundation at a uniquely interconnected school complex.  Traditional course work is supplemented by a wide selection of culturally enriching programs, including music, visual arts, drama and stagecraft athletic leagues and interscholastic programs.  Special services are provided for students with particular needs.

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Westport Town Information

Westport offers the best of all worlds to a diverse and culturally exciting population.  Located on Long Island Sound, the breath-taking waterfront scenery and charming country landscape, attractive amenities and comfortable commutes to metropolitan centers attract families, executives and people from the creative arts.  Impressive waterfront properties grace the coastline while magnificent estates, country-houses and streamlined contemporaries dot the countryside.

In the summer, Levitt Pavilion, on the Saugatuck River, features a variety of family concerts and performances, and the Westport Playhouse hosts professional touring companies.  Chamber music concerts are performed by the Westport Friends of Music in the autumn and winter, and the Green Farms Center for the Arts offers theater, music and art exhibits throughout the year.

Education in Westport also benefits from the generous support and involvement of residents.  The public schools emphasize a strong academic curriculum with an ever-widening spectrum of enriching programs as students’ progress.  Both college preparatory and vocational paths are offered.

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Wilton Town Information

Wilton is a highly desirable residential community with fine open lands (a testament to its colonial farming roots), beautiful historic architecture and a wealth of excellent services.  Convenient travel to the business and commercial centers of Stamford, New York City and White Plains make Wilton particularly attractive.

Four designated historic districts exist in Wilton and feature exceptional examples of early American homes, preserved as gracious residences.  Stately traditional houses and impressive contemporaries as well as luxurious condominiums are carefully integrated among historic structures.  One and two acre lots ensure plenty of open spaces and maintain the pleasant pastoral character of Wilton.  Commercial development is also carefully planned and is limited to specific districts.  The picturesque Town Green, in the center of Wilton, is surrounded by town offices, the post office and additional shops.

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