Hello Everyone,

I’m so excited about posting my first blog on my new website. I was going to write an article on the state of the housing market. Maybe next time. Instead, I thought it would be interesting to invite an independent writer to one of my open houses to review the property.

Why did I do this? Because in this housing market I know that home buyers don’t want to hear from me, the listing broker, about how wonderful a home is.

Here is what Catherine Stone, a professional writer with no real estate background and no stake in this property, has to say about 605 Morehouse Road and the town of Easton. Enjoy! View the photo gallery

Easton, CT Stands Proudly Apart

by Catherine Stone

Any town worth its salt boasts a unique self image; a set of characteristics that enable the residents to feel different, even luckier, than the rest. The people of Easton, CT, a town within Fairfield County CT, are proud to say they are Eastonites.

Why? Because Easton is as peaceful and friendly as any rural town in America. It’s the type of place where neighbors chat across horse-paddock fences and children can ride their bikes to the library. Yes, it only has a few convenience stores selling ice cream, bread or a cool soda, but Eastonites are fiercely proud of being rural and intend to stay this way.

On the other hand, they are a rather sophisticated bunch and don’t mind the ten minute ride in either direction to indulge in great shopping, super-sized food stores and gourmet restaurants. When they have had their fill, they know they can return to Easton, leaving the traffic and bustle behind. That’s why Easton seems to be the best of both worlds.

Too many places to put the pool.
The first thing that strikes me about this property are numerous majestic shade trees dotting the expansive lawns. On this warm, late August afternoon simple picnics in the shade are easy to envision. There’s also an old fashioned simplicity to the outdoor space that appeals to me. It’s not an over-designed yard, has no faux-period fountains, and no bushes are shaved to within an inch of their lives. What the yard does have is plenty of shady lawns where family members in hammocks can enjoy juicy bites of local apples, read good novels or just gaze at the corralled, shining horses nuzzle each other across the way. This is Easton!

Horses welcome!

The house itself is an attractive Center Hall Colonial, completely in keeping with the property which includes a picturesque six stall barn, paddock and apple orchard filled with ripening fruit.

Upon turning away from the majestic outdoors, my first instinct is to touch one of the large windows facing the yard. To my delight, I found the panes to be true divided lights designed by Marvin Windows and four over four in the classic New England style. With generous quantities of these beautiful windows scattered throughout, it’s easy to imagine how sunlight will fill this home and glow with warmth. Time to go inside.

A quick skip up the steps to the backdoor and I find myself in a magical, spacious family room with two seating areas. The space extends to include a modern, and fully equipped, kitchen sporting a large working island within earshot of a fireplace surrounded by sofas. The two Thermador ovens, a 6 burner professional stove and a Subzero refrigeration system impress the chef in me. Summer becomes fall as I imagine a cozy evening in late November baking up a storm for Thanksgiving and family. Let it snow.

The foyer that brought tears to my eyes.

I love this space; the nerve center of this wonderful home. On one side, French doors lead to a formal living room with yet another fireplace adorned with classic moldings, matching the one’s on the ceiling very nicely. On the other side of this foyer a wide staircase, complete with landing, climbs to the second floor. Another quick turn of the head and I am rewarded with a peek of the elegant living and dining rooms, graceful and waiting for guests. The front door on the far end speaks for itself, gracious and inviting.

Room for guests and sleep overs… or a room for each hobby.

This home has (5) five very large bedrooms and (4) four very large full baths, with closets to die for. Family and guests have the best of both worlds; privacy along with the comfort of being just steps away from common areas

The third floor as Wonderland.

Speaking of away, did I mention the third floor? This literal crown of the home is completely outfitted with built-in homework desks and plenty of play area divided into two rooms. These areas will allow children, and their friends, to kick back and be themselves. A sleepover for ten could easily be accommodated, if one dared, while allowing the adults on the floor below a very peaceful nights sleep.

I wish I could afford this home.

Oh wait! I can!

It is my understanding that Easton, CT’s pricing is well below that of equivalent homes immediately to the south. Why? Because the town has preserved much of the three-acre zoning, making the land a less expensive… and not an additional expense to potential buyers.